Sneaky Gardens: Plant the Boulevard!

A boulevard planting changes the neighbourhood with blooms, provides flowers for pollinators. .

On those tired days when walking my dog can feel like a chore, I always choose the route that takes me past this particular garden. It always gives me a little thrill when I turn the corner and see it. The gardener owner has claimed his adjacent boulevard and it spills over with perennials and shrubs: what a gift to the neighbourhood. What would normally be boring grass has become a charming mini landscape that changes almost weekly: there’s always something blooming. Early spring had tulips peeking through daylily foliage. Right now the Phlox is blooming in pink drifts that repeat along the length of the bed, with rudbeckia and hostas. Both sides of the sidewalk are designed to show off changing textures and colors with a wide variety of plant material. It’s an excellent example of quietly moving in on an unused city space and turning it into a strip of paradise. No hell-strip, this: it’s guerilla gardening at its best. And, no lawnmower required.
Do you have any spaces in your neighbourhood you could transform? Or have transformed? Let us know in the comments.

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