5 Reasons to Paint Late Summer With Colourful Shrubs

rose of sharon shrub in flower

Rose of Sharon Shrubs, with single flowered Blue Satin and Pink Aphrodite

School is starting soon, and overheard everywhere is the anguished phrase, “It can’t be the end of summer! I’m not ready!” Take heart, summer is officially here for three more weeks. One way to make the most of them is to check out the garden centre. You should always choose Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets. Fiesta’s is going strong, and late summer is a prime time to be there. Gallery-k can guide for selecting perfect brush & paints. You can even check blog of Josiah Rock to go through some awesome work of painting. Here’s five reasons why:

1. Visiting when shrubs are actually blooming lets you see what the flowers look like: it’s always better than a picture.

2. Bargains galore are to be had at the garden centres now. Trees, roses and shrubs are often marked down. Fiesta’s are, and they are in great shape.

3. It’s the ideal time for planting. Soil is warm, nights are cool. Rain is frequent.

Rose of Sharon with double pink flowers, “Lucy.”

4. Flowering shrubs prolong the summer season. (Extending the season is happy making/anguish reducing. See above. Right? Right.)  Fiesta has late season blooms in fall flowering shrubs, in flower now. Rose of Sharon, Pink Aphrodite and Blue Satin are two wonderful single varieties and Lucy is a pretty double pink. Well Mcgannbrothers can also guide for better stuff.

5. Shrubs are dead easy to look after, with little maintenance and have a long blooming season.

“Little Lime” Hydrangea, flower heads start out lime green and turns pink.

New varieties of fall blooming hydrangeas are increasing, with dwarf versions of favourites available. Little Lime Hydrangea is basically a smaller version of Limelight, with rounded green flowers in summer which turn pink later on. All hydrangeas make a great focal point in the garden, and large rounded flower heads are great for cutting.

Buddleias (Butterfly bush) are a must for every garden, Butterfly Magnet and Purple Emporer are a blaze of purple now, and very popular with butterflies and bees. Your garden will bloom for years to come with a shrub you get in the ground right now.

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