Parking Lot Garden Harvest

Cucumbers and eggplants thrive on asphalt parking pad, growing in food grade containers.

We showed this garden at the beginning of the summer, when what you mostly saw were the bright yellow containers and the do it yourself trellis made of twigs and a broom handle. It’s not Martha Approved, but it works, the plants are happy in full sun and the vegetables are maturing. Vines have topped the trellis and the eggplants are ready for harvest.

It’s a garden that takes up about three feet by twelve feet, and proves what you can grow in a small, sunny area. This one’s not pretty, in fact it’s gritty; but it is putting food on the table for these urban growers. Have you seen any growing spaces like this, or have you created one of your own? Tell us about it in the comments.

This is how the garden looked in mid June of this year.

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