Ontario Garlic Deserves Our Support

We wrote about garlic last week and told you about the upcoming Garlic Festival at the Brickworks. In researching that story we came across so many interesting garlic facts we thought we’d pass them along. Did you know that we grow 2,500 acres of garlic in Ontario each year but we still buy 68% of our garlic from China? That’s just crazy. It’s time we put our garlic dollars in the hands of Ontario Farmers and this festival is one way to do that face to face as there will be twenty garlic farmers attending. See you there!

why is a picture of Genghis Khan in this piece about garlic? You’ll see…

Fascinating Facts About Garlic

Allium Sativum is the Latin name for garlic
Tutankhamen’s Tomb is the most unusual place where garlic bulbs have been found
Genghis Khan and Marco Polo were early traders of garlic
3150 BC is the first time garlic was used in cooking
1813, earliest garlic garden in Toronto was planted
Fort York is the location of earliest known cooking with garlic in Toronto

2,500 acres of garlic is grown in Ontario each year, that includes 70 different strains of garlic

“Rocambole” is the hottest-tasting variety of garlic
75% of the world’s garlic is produced by China
68% percent of Canada’s garlic is imported from China

Toronto Garlic Festival Statistics

20                   Number of garlic farmers at festival

15                    Number of chefs and food vendors at festival
6                      Number of workshops
4,000               Expected number of visitors
70,000             Number of garlic bulbs available for purchase
Sept 25            Festival date
Brick Works    Festival location
Every 15 min  Frequency of free festival shuttle bus

The First Annual Toronto Garlic Festival is a unique, one-day event where foodies, home cooks and gardeners can meet Ontario garlic farmers, stock up on their winter’s supply of fresh garlic, and buy prepared food dishes as they are made by local chefs, including celebrity chefs Rodney Bowers (Delinquent Chef) and Brad Long (Restaurant Makeover).
Location: Evergreen Brick Works (in the pavilion) at 550 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, in the Don Valley.

Festival Date: September 25th, 2011, from 9 am to 4 pm. Admission: $5 per adult. Free for children under 12. Workshops included with admission, seating is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. Paid parking available. Bike paths: Rosedale Valley Road and Beltline Trail. Foot paths: Chorley Park and Milkman’s Run. Free festival shuttle bus leaves every 15 minutes from the parkette beside Broadview subway station.

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