Quench – 416 Urban Wheat Beer

We all like to eat local whenever possible, espousing the virtues of a tomato grown in our backyard, or veggies harvested from the farmer’s market down the street. We think it’s time to give some props to the producers of one our favorite beverages; locally produced in downtown Toronto and available year round.

The Amsterdam Brewing Company has been through a few changes over the years. Though the company name and familiar green bottles may remind you of a certain other beer, the Amsterdam Brewery is fully Canuck. Founded in 1986, by Dutch-born Roel Bramer, “The Amsterdam Brasserie and Brewpub” –named to honour the capital city of Bramer’s homeland- was the first brewpub in the city.

By 1988, Bramer opened The Rotterdam, at the time the largest brewpub in the world, Anticipating a move from the brew pub business to the microbrewery, Bramer closed the original brewpub and in 1994 “The Amsterdam Brewing company” was born, now in its present location at 21 Bathurst street and run by Jeff Carefoote.

Our dining tastes change throughout the year, depending on what’s in season, and The Brewery’s Seasonal selections reflect those changing tastes, ranging from Orange Weisse and Pomegranate Wheat beer, available only in the summer, to varieties available throughout the year, such as Amsterdam Blonde, Nut Brown ale and Two Fisted Stout. You can check out all these awesome beers at once if you head down to the brewery for a tour, read more here.

photo courtesy of theintrepid.com

The brewery is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary, with the release of it’s downtown area-coded brew,  (416) Urban Wheat, a somewhat light, all natural, unfiltered and unpasteurized beer that is perfect for this time of year, and goes with anything you might drag home from the farmer’s market.

Think local, eat local…but most importantly drink local!


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