If you care about local food, farmers and a little bird called the bobolink you might want to make plans to hit the road on October 16th and head to Diane and Bill French’s Honeywood-area farm for Foodstock. Michael Stadtlander has put out a call to arms and he hopes to get 20,000 people to show up. Enlisting the help of his Chef’s Congress posse, expect food from Toronto chefs, among them Jamie Kennedy, Anthony Walsh,  the Drake’s Anthony Rose, Parts & Labour’s Matty Matheson, Enoteca Sociale’s Rocco Agostino and Matt DeMille, as well as chefs from Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan and Nunavut.

For more details, read Jennifer Bain’s story in the Star here.

The event is PWYC and the suggested donation is $10. Musical performances by Sarah Harmer, Jim Cuddy and Cuff the Duke will be the highlights of the day. Organize a car pool with friends, rent a car for the day, hitchhike, cycle, whatever you have to do. Just get there.

This might be the most important event of your life. Don’t miss it.

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