The Garden Season: It Ain’t Over…

Treasures at the garden centre, often at bargain prices.

Did you just complete that sentence? We aren’t waiting for the fat lady to sing, but we are aware of the approach of that first killing frost. We can rejoice in the fact that it doesn’t usually happen in Toronto till at least November, and in the meantime, we have the entire month of October to do some real serious gardening. Here’s a few reasons why it ain’t over till it’s over:

1. Planting is great. Fall is better than spring for planting. Why? Because the soil is warm, and roots can develop quickly. And the rainfall is fairly consistent. Shrubs, trees, perennials all work well planted now. Fall is also the absolute best time to reseed a lawn.

2. The bugs are gone. You can be outdoors in the garden at dawn and dusk with impunity!

3. Bulbs! They guarantee a beautiful welcome in the spring. Buy large bags of bulbs that multiply, like grape hyacinths, species crocus, scillas, and daffodils, and your garden will get more beautiful without you even lifting a finger.

4. Bargains! Fall can be the best time to stock up. Just like buying gift wrap after the holidays, buy your plants after the time when most people think gardening is over. But you are not one of those people, you are savvy. Half price plants are even better when you are buying something fancy like new varieties of coneflower. You can also take advantage of bargain prices by buying in bulk. Making a big garden statement —the only kind of make, really—is affordable.

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