Fiery Fall Colour

It’s impossible to feel unhappy when standing next to a pumpkin pile.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.  ~Albert Camus

I have to agree with Albert. You can have your fresh springs, and your lush summers, but when autumn lands, it lands with a dazzling sweep of its cloak that drips drama.

Autumn glows with its own individual light. The fact that the sun is lower in the sky makes the quality of light change: it’s warmer, enhancing the already warm tones of fall. Coloured leaves radiate an intensity that’s positively fiery. A pile of shockingly orange pumpkins is like the earth exploded with a deep belly laugh.

In fall, Ms Lowly Cabbage becomes Cinderella at the ball: Ornamental Kale

Everything is new again in the garden centre, with masses of sculptural kale, mounds of chrysanthemums and asters, all in Persian carpet colours.

Wine coloured button chrysanthemums will often bloom till frost.

Puffy spires of grasses sway dreamily to the music of the bees buzzing in the aster flowers, catching the sun’s yellow light through their tufts. Ahh, Autumn.

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