Extending Harvest Time

I’m surprised how well these tomato plants did this season in pots on asphalt, in a neighbour’s garden..

Assessing what worked and what didn’t is inevitable in October. My tomato harvest was pretty meagre this year. We had a cool spring and a hot, dry summer, not the best for good tomato growth. The few tomatoes I am picking now are mostly green, and as soon as I hear the frost warning, they will all be picked and the tender growing season will be over.

What a gift these warm days in October are for those last few veggies on the vine. Tomato, eggplant and tender herbs like basil won’t have much longer, but the Swiss chard in my community garden plot is going as strong as ever. Note to self: Plant more of what grows into the cool fall season next year: Swiss Chard. Also Brussels Sprouts, which don’t mind a bit of frost at all. The Swiss chard was one of my garden successes this year, and I will never have a garden without it.

Lengthening the time for picking my own garden vegetables is going to be one of my garden goals for next year. What are you going to do differently next year?

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