Autumn Vegetables Around The World

Allspice, also known as Jamaican pepper, takes ordinary pumpkin soup to new heights

This is the season for squash, pumpkin, parsnip, carrots, rutabaga and potatoes and it lasts much longer than tomato season in this province. Simply roasting or mashing fall vegetables with butter, salt and pepper is going to get tired fast.

We need to look outside our borders for inspiring ways to prepare these hardy veggies.

Pumpkin or squash can be prepared Jamaican style by serving mashed or pureed into a soup with sauteed ginger, allspice, nutmeg and turmeric. There is an excellent crock pot recipe here. Or you could grab a Kabocha squash and zip over to Japan for a lesson in tempura. Tempura is a fun way to present fall vegetables to your family, they’re unlikely to turn their noses up at a crispy battered and fried piece of sweet potato or butternut squash. Everything’s better deep-fried! And the best thing about tempura is that you can shallow fry it in a pan, no need for a deep fat fryer or a pot of bubbling oil on the stove.

Is there anything more boring than a steamed carrot? There is a famous carrot salad recipe we discovered recently that will kick those lame steamed carrots in the butt. Korean-Russian carrot salad is mysterious mix of shaved carrot with sesame seeds, coriander and paprika that results in a mouth-watering side dish that will be very much welcomed by your dull tastebuds when the winter winds are blowing.

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There are so many exciting recipes out there, from all over the world, and we’re lucky enough to live in a city where finding exotic ingredients is as easy as walking to the corner store.

What are you waiting for? Grab a rutabaga and start Googling!

in case you’re wondering, this is a rutabaga

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