We Heart Whole Grains – Or the Best Pasta Recipe Ever

We’ve been told countless times that eating whole grains is way better for us than refined wheat products, yet we still buy pasta and bread made with bleached, soulless flour. Why?

We know that white zombie bread and vampiric pasta is bad for us, maybe that’s why we can’t help but love it. It is like eating MacDonald’s and Vachon cakes, two companies that make wonderful use of white flour in their junk food products. In the words of Rachael Ray, former schiller for Dunkin’ Donuts, “Yummo!”

Well it is time to kick this albino monkey off our backs and dive into whole grains, not because they’re healthy, forget about the fact that they can help protect us from heart disease. If we keep thinking of whole grain products as healthy we’re only going to eat them for the first week of January when we’re polishing off the treadmill and busting out the lycra bike shorts.

We need to think of a better reason to eat this stuff, and I’ve got the solution.

Our favourite reason to eat anything is because it tastes good and whole grain products do. Whole grain bread, studded with sunflower seeds, flax and oatmeal, tastes so much better than sponge-y white Wonder Bread. It honestly does. You’re not five years old anymore, you’re a grown up who loves olives, anchovies, red wine and Marmite. You have a refined palate that just doesn’t get turned on by childish tastes anymore. You’re better than that! No more white pasta tossed with butter and parmesan for you. You want brown pasta tossed with adult things like eggplant or caviar or blue cheese! I recently tried Barilla pasta at a lunch catered by Scarpetta’s Scott Conant, who gave an interview with tips for cooking whole grain pasta.

That being said, the best pasta dish of all time is a very personal thing. There is no one universal pasta dish that we all hold in our heart of hearts. Sure we like spaghetti and meatballs from time to time, but chicken alfredo ain’t half bad either, and don’t forget penne with sausage and peppers, or capellini aglio olio.

Pasta is personal and it is up to each of us to find out perfect pasta dish.

A good start is to get out there and buy some pasta and get in the kitchen, a recipe that fits your lifestyle, your tastebuds and your waistline. I can’t eat alfredo every night (click on that link, the recipe calls for 2 sticks of butter!) but I do love Jamie Oliver’s lemon linguine with Sicilian lemon juice, fresh basil and arugula. Sicilian lemon juice is very addictive, read more on it here.

For me, this is the best pasta recipe ever. I like it because it’s simple to execute, it incorporates a green thing, and it can be served on its own or with a million different variations. Try it with roasted tomatoes, or crab meat, or lamb chops or chanterelle mushrooms. It is endlessly adaptable. What’s your best pasta recipe? Share your favourite in the comments, new pasta recipes are always welcome.



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