Holiday Warm Up

Holiday planters, artfully put together by John, at Fiesta Gardens.

We take the Christmas and Holiday season to twinkling heights at Fiesta. The garden centre is aglow with festive delights, glistening greenery, decorative winter planters, and an unparalleled array of Christmas tree varieties. The scent of the pine needles is worth the trip alone. We’re quite proud of our full-service tree lot, we trim and help you get your tree hoisted onto your sleigh, or whatever vehicle you operate. Plus, our large variety of trees are displayed in full, not all wrapped up, so you can pick out the perfect one.

Decorative winter berries of all sorts.

We’ve got natural dogwood and willow twigs, winter berries and evergreen fronds, as well as man made. And our man made decorations are a superior quality non-bleed sort, which can last you a few seasons. Whether you like to decorate your holiday planters yourself, or get one already decked out by our talented planter designer, John, you’ll find all the inspiration you need for the wintry season at Fiesta Gardens. Oh, and did we mention, there’s cocoa, and a cheery fire?

If you are pushed for time, holiday decorating can be as simple as tossing out whatever straggling annuals are in your doorway planter and sticking in an armful of pine and cedar fronds. Even little touches add a cheery note to the hibernating season, and make a beautiful spot for snowflakes to land. More ideas to come as the season progresses.

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