Tajin Fruit Seasoning-This is Not A Candy!

Tajin Clasico Seasoning comes to us from Mexico and is a blend of dried chilies, lime juice and salt. Described as “the ultimate fruit booster”, this seasoning is ubiquitous in Mexico, liberally sprinkled on apples, oranges, cantaloupe… basically it adds a little “pop” to any fruit. It might strike you as unusual at first to add salt to fresh fruit, but the salt combined with the heat from a little chili marries beautifully with the tangy lime, especially on fruit that is more sweet than sour, such as mangoes or other tropicals.

For those of you trying to wean yourselves from dumping sugar on your morning grapefruit, try a few shakes of this; a little goes a long way!

A common snack in Mexican markets is a tajin fruit cup; chopped mixed fruit sprinkled with tajin and enjoyed at baseball games and football matches. Another more savory way to enjoy it is on hot buttered corn on the cob, or sprinkled on pan-fried or baked fish.



The next time you make a Bloody Mary or Caesar, forego the celery salt and rim your glass with this stuff; spicy, acidic and salty, it will add a Mexican twist to an old favorite; the combination of salt and lime is de rigueur in any margeurita, so a little chili on top of that definitely adds some wow factor. The bright red rim also makes for a striking contrast to a lime marguerita, as well as highlighting the ruby redness of a frozen strawberry daiquiri.



The label reminds you, “This is not a candy.”  It is sort of addictive, a kind of grown up Lick-M-Aid.  Next time you feel like a spicy version of sour patch kids, reach for this stuff and pucker up!

Tajin Strawberry Margarita



4 strawberries

Grenadine to taste

2 ounces of Tequila

½ ounce of Cointreau or orange flavored liqueur

TAJÍN Clásico Seasoning


In a blender process 4 ice cubes, strawberries, a dash of grenadine (depends on how sweet you like the drink), tequila, and the orange liqueur. Blend everything on frappé. Serve in a martini glass with the rim frosted in TAJÍN Clásico Fruit Seasoning. To garnish, partially slice a strawberry and coat it with TAJÍN Clásico Seasoning, before placing it on the rim of the glass.


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