Santa Alert

Reindeer Christmas Display at Fiesta Gardens

The woodland creatures are stopping by to help you get into the Holiday spirit. And who brought them?

The sign on a house at the North Pole says “Santa has left the building”. All indications point to a possible Santa sighting at Fiesta Gardens. It seems there are reindeer about. And fronds of evergreens in festive shapes abound. Some have points on the top. Well, let’s just say Christmas is busting out all over at Fiesta Gardens, and we’ve got everything you need to make things around your home festive.

Looking very relaxed, Old Mr Claus chills out in his sleigh.

If you are itching to learn how to make a winter evergreen holiday planter, stay tuned. Our planter designer, John will give you a how-to in a video next week. In the meantime, keep a plastic pot filled with soil at the ready.

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