Front Door Dress Up

Christmas Wreath with dried orange slices and fruit.

Bounty of fruits and ribbons tucked into a wreath underlines the continuation of life and abundance over the winter at Allan Gardens Conservatory, Toronto

When the days are shortest, there’s nothing like the friendliness of an evergreen wreath on the door. I love seeing them pop up all over the neighbourhood, in all shapes and sizes. Evergreens say: life springs eternal. The ancients, who believed evergreen trees were magical, as they stayed green during the freezing months of winter, draped their homes with evergreen boughs and we continue that long tradition. Those of us who live where December means it’s dark by 4:30 need all the cheer we can get. Not to mention the lovely scent as you go through the door.

christmas wreath

Wreath of boxwood greenery with some faux bright red highlights.


A simple evergreen wreath, with one kind of greenery makes a classic and elegant statement, like the simplicity  of a boxwood or softness of a white pine wreath.  Or perhaps a twisted grapevine, with coloured balls, massive pine cones and faux red berries.

wreath with red berries

There is a wreath for everyone, simple or elaborate, natural or with some brightly coloured faux materials.

At Fiesta Gardens, you can find a ready made wreath, large and small, and even massive. You could start with something simple that you can further decorate yourself from our selection of greenery (30 different varieties of natural evergreens) and from our mix of festive faux materials. Note: the faux decor we stock is made to last several seasons, unlike, as Dino, Fiesta Garden’s manager says, “the Dollar store stuff that looks half decent, but if you sneeze on them, they’ll bleed.” Even if you don’t go all out with all the other holiday decorations, a simple wreath for the front door says to your friends and neighbours, “We’re home, come on in.”


A richly textured wreath that blends evergreen types and pine cones.

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