Delicious Gifts

Shopping frenzy has set in and you need all the help you can get. What to buy for Jolene in marketing? Or cousin Lucille? Your ninety year old great uncle has everything, what could he possibly want?

We are here to save the day with a round-up of some of the best gift ideas we’ve come across. They’re all food-related of course but everybody eats right? So a food-related gift is universally appreciated!

Top of the list is a microplane, it will change your life. Your hands will never smell like garlic again. This tool is a dream, cheap, simple, easy to clean and absolutely indispensible for all your grating and zesting needs!

Next up, a cookbook holder. This simple little device keeps your cookbook upright and open to the recipe you’re working from. Because it is upright it’s also easier to read as you go through the steps to making the perfect recipe.

Using a digital meat thermometer is like having a top chef standing by your stove and testing the roast until it reaches the exact colour you want, then telling you to take it out of the oven. Set the temperature, put the probe in the meat and let it cook. The thermometer will beep when it is at the right temperature. All you have to do is rest it before slicing. 

Now with those handy tools you’ll need some inspiration for recipes to use them on. Here are our favourite cookbooks of the year. Any of these will embolden you to create new, delicious dishes in your kitchen.

Jamie Oliver’s “Food Escapes

Laura Calder’s “Dinner Chez Moi”

Jennifer McLagan’s “Odd Bits” – if you attend 86’d at the Drake Hotel this Monday you can get your copy signed by the author who will be in attendance judging the 2nd Annual Battle Offal. Starts at 7pm, free and open to everyone.

Fred Morin & David McMillan’s “The Art of Living According to Joe Beef”

Hank Shaw’s “Hunt, Gather, Cook”

Trish Magwood’s “In My Mother’s Kitchen”


get your copy of Odd Bits signed by the author at the Drake Hotel this Monday, the 19th

So, there you have it, a bounty of mouth-watering books sure to delight anyone who likes to eat.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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