Holiday Food Survey Results

happy little gingerbread men

We were curious to find out what you like to make, bake and eat over the holidays so we sent out a survey on twitter last week. We got a huge response, you guys are really passionate about holiday food!
When asked what your favourite holiday sweet to bake was….gingerbread cookies came out on top with 55.6% of the votes. Shortbread got 33.3% of the votes, putting it in second place. A few of you gave shout outs to mincemeat pie, chocolate chip cookies, caramels and steamed pudding.


What do you enjoy making for Hannukah? By a landslide – latkes!!! With brisket coming in second place. What takes centre stage at Christmas dinner? By another landslide – turkey!!! With ham coming in second place. Lamb and duck also got a few votes but the poor goose got no love this year.

Now man and woman cannot live on turkey and latkes alone, so we wanted to know what your favourite non-traditional food to have during the holidays might be.

Surprisingly Chinese food didn’t place first here, pizza actually came out on top with Chinese second, and Thai and sushi tying for third. Indian came in fourth place.
Finally we wanted to know what essentials you needed in the kitchen for baking over the holidays. Two nuts tied for first place – walnut and pecan! Candy canes came in second with Toblerone in third. You also replied with shouts of Baileys! Red wine! and Booze!
We’re happy to have so many fun and food loving customers and readers, thanks for participating in the survey.
We’ll let you get back to your kitchen now, those gingerbread men aren’t going to make themselves!

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