A Cocktail or Two for New Year’s Eve

Blackberry Syrup is one of mother’s little helpers that no larder should be without. We sell the NutraFruit brand, with its pretty illustrated label, in the store. It makes a nice change from maple syrup when poured over waffles and pancakes, blended into yogurt or poured over vanilla ice cream with fresh berries for a quick and elegant dessert. This versatile condiment has a myriad of uses, but we believe that it is best used for cocktails, especially during the winter. Especially on New Year’s Eve. 

Try mixing it into a flute of champagne, it gives the bubbles a sweet nip and a lilac hue.

You don’t need to be a mixologist with a fanny pack full of bitters and swizzle sticks to make really good and inventive drinks. All you need are a few ingredients not found in the typical home bar. Blackberry syrup is one such ingredient. If you can make a two ingredient drink, like a vodka soda, adding the syrup as your third ingredient brings what was just a drink up to the level of cocktail. Our favourite mix right now is a take on a G&T. You sugar rim a coupe and mix gin and grapefruit Pellegrino with a drizzle of blackberry syrup, we call it a GG&B.

The next time you want to wow your guests, try this variation of the French Sparkle, using regular vodka and a few teaspoons of Blackberry syrup instead of Chambord. bFor the kiddies, a tablespoon of Blackberry syrup in glass of sparkling soda with ice cream makes a great vanilla blackberry float.

Blackberry Sparkle

makes 2 cocktails

2 ounces vodka

½ mango

2 teaspoons Blackberry Syrup

Ice cubes

Champagne or sparkling wine

–       Blend ice, vodka, mango and blackberry syrup until frothy

–       Pour into martini glass

–       Top with champagne or sparkling wine

–       Garnish with a slice of mango

Have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve this weekend, thank you all for being such great customers in 2011. We look forward to serving you even better in 2012.

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