75 Days Till Spring

Grolau chives growing in a pot

Growth on my chives burst into action this week. Hooray!

About this time of year, when winter is in full force, I pull out all the psychological stops to remind myself that winter’s only temporary. Does 75 days seem shorter than ten weeks? To me it does, so I’m going with that, and counting off the days.

Plants send us spring signals too. I pulled this neglected pot of chives off my deck sometime in December. It was straggly looking—you can still see the dead growth attached—but it was still alive, so I put it in my kitchen window and forgot about it, figuring at the very least it would struggle through the winter and I could put it back outside in spring. Yet, this week my chives burst into vigorous green growth assuring me what plants know in their cells: days are getting longer, sun is getting stronger. Other indoor plants are noticeably perkier too; there are even some flower buds on my geraniums. (Pelargoniums)

This particular variety of chives, by the way, is called Grolau Chives, (Allium schoenoprasum ‘Grolau’) and is particularly suited for indoor pot or greenhouse culture, staying green and less likely to become leggy. It’s worth hunting out, as fresh herbs in the winter make all the difference.

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