Oscar Night Feast

Awards season begins with the Golden Globes but the big night we’re all waiting for comes this weekend.

The Academy Awards will air on Febraury 26th, giving you time to plan a fantastic Oscar viewing party. Since this type of entertaining means all your guests will be glued to the TV you want to be sure you have more than one set or keep the guest list small. You’ll also want to serve a lot of easy to eat finger food, but this isn’t the Super Bowl so no Frito Pie and Buffalo wings.

Smoked salmon on potato chips with capers & creme fraiche. Simple and sexy.

This is the Oscars, this is the night when the wealthiest and most famous people in our lives put on their best suits and frocks. If Halle Barry is getting dressed up for it and Angelina is dripping with diamonds, don’t you think your menu should reflect a little class?

Now that football food is out, it is time to focus on some sexy canapes that are easy to make and won’t break your budget. The staples of a good h’or d’oeuvres party are nuts, blue cheese, endive spears, some kind of aioli, something fishy and something mini. Mini grilled cheese, mini burgers are always a hit but mini caprese salads on toothpicks are refereshing and don’t require any stove time so you won’t miss a word George Clooney says on the red carpet. Just buy tiny bocconcini balls, marinate overnight in a lemon vinaigrette with lots of fresh herbs, pepper and kosher salt, then spear with a cherry tomato and basil leaf. Tada! Cute and sophisticated.

Blue cheese is classy because only adults eat it. A beautiful way to serve it is crumble it onto the “spoon” of an endive leaf, top with chopped walnuts and drizzle with pomegranate molasses. Sweet and tart with stinky blue and bitter leaf with crunchy nut. Brilliant.

The endive can also be served with sliced raw veggies like carrots, blanched wax beans, cucumber, peppers, and an aioli for dipping. Crudite is often served with a garlic aioli, this time try it with some saffron and lemon instead. Fresh and unique, with a hint of the exotic.

Finally, you need something fishy, whether it’s caviar or smoked salmon. No canape party is complete without it. If you decide to splurge on caviar go for a sustainable brand, if sturgeon roe is too expensive try lumpfish caviar or trout caviar instead. Smoked trout and smoked salmon can be served blitzed into a white bean dip or just in chunks with pumpernickel bread and herbed cream cheese. Fresh, shucked oysters are definitely welcome, served up on crushed ice with lemons and fresh horseradish. Not sure how to shuck, check out this step by step guide.

Fill your fridge with sparkling wine and polish the flute glasses. It’s Oscar night and there are a ton of designer dresses to dis.



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