New Cookbooks – “Lynn Crawford’s Pitchin’ In”

Based on the hit Food Network show of the same name, Lynn Crawford dedicates her first book to the farmers, growers, fishermen and ranchers she met during “the road trip of a lifetime”. This lovely, heartfelt collection of over one hundred recipes documents the adventures Chef Lynn experienced and the dinners she prepared for her hosts. It is a great read for anyone who is interested in establishing connections with their food and understanding the relationships between its provenance and its preparation.

“Whether you are trying to connect to a person, place, thing or idea, you have to experience it directly,” Chef Lynn writes in her introduction. “You have to ‘walk a mile in their shoes’.”

For those of us unwilling to don the hip-waders and venture into frigid oceans, or prefer our turkeys succulent to truculent, opening this book is the next best thing to actually pitchin’ in.

Full-page colour photographs document the journey from sea, ranch or farm to the dinner table, and seldom has the journey been recorded with such grace and empathy. From Freeport, Nova Scotia to Siler City, North Carolina, Chef Lynn journeys across North America looking for the best ingredients she can find. And the recipes themselves, from the simplicity of avocado frites to Mac’N” Cheese with Wild Boar- are as intriguing as they are delicious.

“I also want to connect with people, whether its friends and family or guests at my restaurant,” continues Chef Lynn. “To my mind, nothing is as intimate or visceral as the gift of food prepared with passion and thought. It touches all the senses while evoking a warmth and connection for both the giver and the receiver.”
All noble sentiments, but at the end of the day, you still want a cookbook that is accessible and makes you want to cook, and this one is just that.
You might say the proof is in the vanilla rice pudding, which you can find on page 222.

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