SEEDS – A Play About Monsanto

A very interesting play is debuting in Toronto this month. From February 18 to March 20, 2012 Crow’s Theatre company is presenting  a documentary play about the 4-year legal battle between Saskatchewan farmer Percy Schmeiser and the biotech giant Monsanto Inc.. Based on court trial transcripts, Seeds includes interviews with Schmeiser, Monsanto representatives, and with farmers, academics, lawyers and scientists from all across Canada.

Seeds is arresting documentary theatre chronicling the 4‐year legal battle between Saskatchewan farmer Percy Schmeiser and biotech giant Monsanto Inc. Based on court trial transcripts and interviews with all the players, including, Schmeiser, Monsanto representatives, farmers, academics, lawyers and scientists from across Canada, Seeds takes us behind the scenes of the battle for the future of food. In 2004 Annabel Soutar began to research the case of Monsanto Inc. versus Percy Schmeiser. Monsanto accused Schmeiser of growing their genetically patented Round‐up Ready canola seeds on his property without paying the licensing fee they require.

By taking us through a suspenseful labyrinth of legal conflicts regarding patent rights, scientific showdowns about GM food, and property clashes between farmers and the biotechnology industry – Seeds asks an essential question – can you patent a living thing? Or as Percy famously asked, “who owns life?”.

This landmark trial not only brought this question before the Supreme Court, but also garnered Schmeiser attention from around the world.

Chris Abraham says, “I’m thrilled to be introducing Toronto audiences to playwright Annabel Soutar and her remarkable piece Seeds. When I read it for the first time, I couldn’t put it down. Her dogged pursuit of the truth in the case of Monsanto vs. Percy Schmeiser is entirely gripping, as are her observations of the social and political implications of the paradigm shift in genetics happening under our feet. I can’t wait for the conversation and debate that will be sparked by this show.”

Seeds will have its Toronto premiere at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts from February 18, 2012 to March 10, 2012.




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