Breakfast in Bed

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and here’s a way to make it special; get up early and fix your significant other some breakfast in bed. Unfortunately it isn’t the weekend so you may not have time for a long, leisurely NY Times crossword puzzle kind of breakfast but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the luxury of gourmet coffee, sexy eggs and a cozy duvet.

Because Tuesday is a work day for many people, it is best to get some things prepared the night before. Buy the finest coffee you can find and grind it fresh. Buy some cream, put away that skim for one day at least! February isn’t the best time of year for fruit but you can buy some berries and macerate them in a little lemon, sugar and vanilla overnight. Get croissants, they’re a bit more romantic than multigrain toast. If you want meat on the plate get some sexy prosciutto or smoked trout and leave the workhorse bacon and sausage for another day.

Most importantly, have a sauce and a salad. A sauce and a salad are what elevates eggs from plain old breakfast to fancy pants brunch.

You don’t have to whisk up a fresh hollandaise at 7 in the morning, there are plenty of quick, easy sauces that go great with eggs and can be made the night before.

You can make an herb aioli by blitzing up some dill and parsley with an egg, dijon, lemon juice and oil. Or just chop the herbs and mix with a little lemon juice and a scoop or two of Hellman’s, there is no shame in it and it will taste just fine with poached eggs sided with a blood orange and endive salad. Mix chipotle into some sour cream for a spicy sauce that goes great with softly scrambled eggs, smoked fish and a salad of black beans, cherry tomatoes and avocado. The salads can be assembled the night before and then tossed with a vinaigrette a la minute.  Think sexy salads here, no iceberg lettuce on V Day – we want radicchio, frisee, watercress or treviso.

So, there you have it, breakfast in bed for a weekday workday: A basket of croissants, some macerated berries garnishing a cup of yogurt. A sauce for the eggs, a salad on the side. Some gourmet coffee with real cream and maybe a single bud vase holding a rose. Inexpensive, simple and totally romantic.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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