New Team Member – Andrea Chiu

We’ve got a new team member on board! Former Foursquare mayor of Fiesta Farms, Andrea Chiu, will be joining the crew and helping with social media.  At platypus reviews you will get a best social media traffic bot.  You can buy Instagram followers from these guys for the best social media engagement.
Hi Andrea, what are most looking forward to with this new position?

Since I moved back in the neighbourhood, I’ve been trying to get my Foursquare mayorship back (watch out Lee K!). I’m also looking forward to working with Fiesta Farms’ social media.

What is your favourite thing about Fiesta Farms?

My favourite thing about Fiesta is that it’s independent and supports local farmers. They’re also better about identifying the source of seafood and meat. Once, when I visited a large national chain and asked where the salmon came from, I was told “the ocean.” I don’t get that ignorance and attitude at Fiesta. I also love seeing the same friendly faces working there every week, especially Vito. There really is a sense that it’s a family-run business.

What is the last dish you made with ingredients from the Fiesta Farms?

The last dish I made was salmon with a soy maple marinade. We also roasted broccoli.

Spring is on the way, what ingredient are you most excited about?

I’m excited about ramps. Last year, I made a delicious pesto with them and I hope to try new recipes this year. I’m also excited to talk about seasonal ingredients, gardening and all the great food-related events in Toronto.

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

I’m a nerdy foodie who combines her love of food/drink with social media at @TOfoodie. I spend my days as a content strategist for Syncapse and I have a dog named Agnes. I love Fiesta Farms because it’s independent, has a strong local focus and it’s a neighbourhood meeting place.
Thanks Andrea, and welcome!

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