Start Your Garden Wish List

Spring is closer than we think. I await the first crocus sighting with an-ti-ci-PA-tion!

Can you believe it’s only three weeks till most garden centres are back in action? Fiesta Gardens is one of them, opening on April 1st. Why April, rather than May? Because trees, shrubs, roses and perennials can all be planted before the last frost date, as soon as the ground is diggable. And with a winter like we have had, it won’t take long before the soil is ready.

Landscaping material like trees, shrubs and roses are better off being planted in very early spring, as they are still dormant. The cool weather and rains will help them more easily transition to their new location.

We have had so few below freezing days this winter that the ground is unlikely to be frozen down to its usual depth, which is normally about one meter deep in southern Ontario. So get out your garden books, check out some garden sites, and do some research. It’s good to have a plan of action when it’s digging time.

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