New Book from Top Chef’s Gail Simmons

Gail Simmons has gone very far in the American food world, especially considering she’s a Canadian girl who grew up in Toronto. In fact, she went to high school with chefs Ezra Title and Anthony Rose and food blogger Andrea Toole.

She’s pretty young to be already penning a memoir but that’s just what she’s done. With the life she’s had there is more than enough material to fill a book.

“Talking with My Mouth full follows her unusual and inspiring path to success, step-by-step and bite-by-bite. It takes the reader through her early years, growing up in a household where her mother ran a small cooking school, her father made his own wine, and family vacation destinations included Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East; through her adventures at culinary school in New York City and training as an apprentice in two of New York’s most acclaimed kitchens; and on to her time spent assisting Vogue’s legendary food critic Jeffrey Steingarten, working for renowned chef Daniel Boulud, and ultimately landing her current jobs at Food & Wine and on Top Chef.”

It’s an inspiring book filled with delicious food, exciting travel and envious access to the food world’s elite inner circle. She even includes a section at the back with recipes; her mother’s Zucchini Bread, Kasha and Bowties with Mushroom Gravy, Dad’s Full Sour Pickles and Blackberry Souffle.

In her own words, “I appreciate that what chefs do at all levels takes great skill, craftsmanship, talent and patience, and I admire the farmers, purveyors, restaurant owners, and servers who play a large role in the way we all eat today. Everyone who cares about food, whether making a Toll House cookie or an elaborate petit four, is okay with me – as long as I get to lick the bowl.”

We couldn’t agree more. Simmons will be in Toronto this week, doing a signing at the Indigo Yonge & Eglington.

Don’t forget – the Top Chef Texas finale airs tonight, followed by the premiere of Top Chef Canada on Food Network! Make sure you tune in and cheer for all the competing Toronto chefs.

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