Our Proud Producers: Marinelli Pasta Sauce

We carry some great products in the store and we like to feature them in this “Our Proud Producers” series. Here allow us to introduce you to Marinelli Pasta Sauce.

The thing about pasta sauce is it’s hard to buy a store-bought sauce that tastes as good as homemade, with locally grown ingredients, devoid of added sugars and preservatives. The reasons for this are largely economic; it costs more to produce a superior product.

Marinelli pasta sauces use top-notch ingredients, sourcing all ingredients locally when available; no garlic powders or dehydrated onions, Marinelli uses only fresh ingredients, inspected, peeled and chopped daily.

Founder Adriano Marinelli vows to keep it simple and let the ingredients do most of the talking; for example, their biggest seller, Tomato and Basil, uses a blend of 20 sub varietals of Italian pear tomatoes, each one hand selected when fully ripe and sweet-so no added sugar or tomato paste is needed-and used within a four to six hours of being harvested. The fresh basil too, is hand selected on a daily basis, the delicate oils contributing an authenticity that dehydrated herbs can’t match. Marinelli even toasts and grinds all other spices daily, making sure to minimize flavour loss. It is attention to detail like this that makes the sauce so good. 

Other products like vegetable primavera and oven-roasted garlic also follow this mantra, and the “meat Ready Bolognaise” is prepared with the classic soffritto of Spanish onion, celery and garlic.

Marinelli is justifiably proud of his line of pasta sauces and maintains his principles of freshness and integrity right down to the bottling process, something many of us do not even consider.

The bottles are produced from 50% recycled glass, the labels use recycled paper, the inks are environmentally safer water based inks and the bottling itself is the traditional hot seal vacuum method, which eliminates the need for preservatives.

It’s been a few years since Adriano and his wife Lisa rescued the abandoned bottling plant in Niagara Falls, Ontario, and started producing and bottling his cherished family recipes. We’re glad they did.

Adriano Marinelli was bankrupt and had only $250 to his name when he started this business, we’re glad he stuck with it to make it into the success it is today. Check out this video to learn more about his incredible story.




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