Get Your Green On

Friday, April 13th will be a lucky day for residents of Toronto, as the Green Living Show will be held at the Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition place. This is North America’s largest Green consumer show, with over four hundred exhibitors demonstrating green, earth- friendly and sustainable solutions and ideas that affect all walks of life: energy, wellness, fashion and beauty, transportation and food and beverage are just a few of the areas that will be showcased.

This is an amazing event that shows the average consumer how easy it is to make small changes, choices that will have an immediate effect on one’s day to day life, and lasting changes that will have an impact on generations to come.

We know there are alternatives to gas guzzling cars; find out how feasible the idea of driving an electric car really is at the Electric Vehicle Show. Maybe an electric car is not in your budget now, but this show will offer alternatives to driving around in a Hummer, and put a bug in your ear. Maybe you think owning an electric car is just a pipe dream, or some far fetched vision, but this exhibit will show you just how real this technology is.

Walking around the vast grounds, you might work up an appetite, and some of the top chefs in the city will be present offering delicious goodies sourced locally. This will take on added significance as you join James Sun’s seminar offering sustainable solutions for alleviating world hunger, or an in-depth panel discussion on the proposed  Melancthon mega quarry just 90 min from Toronto. 

There are countless other exhibits as well that will be sure to inform, enlighten and entertain; exhibits highlighting our lakes and rivers, stewardship of our oceans, the role that forests and trees play as the lungs of the earth, and even several live bird demonstrations by Wild Ontario, featuring the American Kestrel, the Red Tail Hawk, Great Horned Owl and the Turkey Vulture.

American Kestrel

There are really so many things to see and do at this year’s exhibition, it would probably take you all three days, from April 13-15th, to see everything, so the best plan of attack would be to check out the Green Living Show’s website and see what’s going at what time. And if you’re not sure about the admission fee, don’t sweat it, just bring in an old piece of electronic waste and you’ll receive free admission. If you are one of those cynics that thinks these things are just preaching to the choir, prove yourself right. Join the choir, you might even start changing your tune.


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