Lawn’s Got Bare Spots? Time to Seed

Bare feet on a lawn of clover

A mixed turf lawn of grass, clover and the odd dandelion is the most eco-friendly one.

It’s the perfect time to spruce up any bare patches in your lawn. Grass seed likes the cool weather of April for germination, plus there’s ample rain. Success with lawn revitalisation starts with soil preparation. Sowing grass seed onto hard, dry, packed-down earth just won’t do. The culprit might be also a defective lawn mower that is not properly cutting the grass evenly. Electric string trimmers are a worthwhile investment. They’re powerful, incredibly versatile, especially if you have the right accessories, and since they run on a battery, you need not worry about fuel. Follow these steps for best results.

  1.  Give the lawn a good raking, to lift dead leaves and twigs. Raking also helps to ruffle up the surface of the soil a little.
  2. Sprinkle the bare patches with a good garden soil mix, from the garden centre.

  1. Buy grass seed that matches your location. Shady grass seed for shade, regular seed for a sunny lawn. Fiesta stocks grass seed for deep shade, and sun and shade. If your lawn is at all shady, choose the deep shade variety.
  2. Spread grass seed by hand or with a grass seed spreader. Walk over the seeded areas to tamp down the seed into the soil.
  3.  Coated grass seed has a non-toxic super absorbent coating made from cornstarch that helps the seed hold onto water, so it has a better chance of germinating, especially if you miss a day of watering. The coating is made by the Zeba company, who use the absorbent technology in various water retentive garden and agricultural products. Their website says the coating

helps improve the rate of seed germination and emergence and enhances seed survival during critical development periods. Especially under less than optimal conditions

  1.  Water every day, with a fine spray of water. Keep the seed moist, that’s what starts germination. Water in early morning or evening.
  2. Mix grass seed half and half with white clover for a really healthy lawn. The clover adds nitrogen to the soil, and it flowers, making your lawn pollinator friendly. Or you can reseed with just clover. It’s a terrific, tough, low-growing ground cover. This summer, you could be barefoot in clover.

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