Poached Eggs On Everything

To put poached eggs on everything you first need to learn how to perfectly poach an egg and the best way to learn is through practice.

Get your water simmering, you want a little movement in the water but not a bubbling, boiling inferno.

Make sure the water is salted and a teaspoon of vinegar has been added. If you need more than four eggs, poach in batches to ensure best results. With a spoon stir the water so that it is swirling in one direction around the pot. The swirl is what helps to hold the whites to the yolk as they cook and set.

Crack the eggs into a bowl, this is the neatest and quickest way to get the eggs into the water while it is still swirling. Pour the eggs into the swirling, simmering water one at a time. Let them cook. The best way to check for doneness is to press the yolk.

Gently lift the egg from the water with a pasta spoon, they are perfect for this, and gently press on the yolk, if it feels super soft give it some more time and test again. You want some resistance as the yolk should be just starting to set when you pull it from the pot. Pat the egg dry with a towel and set atop whatever brilliant dish you’ve decided to make.

a slotted spoon or pasta spoon works great

For the perfect poach technique they use at Thomas Keller’s restaurants go here.

Once you’ve got your eggs it is time to eat and they go so well on so many dishes, a plate of eggs Benedict, a spinach salad with mushrooms and buttery croutons, or a piece of poached salmon over greens. The possibilities are endless.

Here are some of our favourite innovative recipes that call out for a poached egg:

Fried cauliflower steaks with poached egg

Sauteed mushrooms on fried ciabatta with poached egg

Frisee salad with poached egg and bacon

Eggs Hussarde

Bacon and leek risotto with poached egg



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