Garden, Art & Food Merge at Eigensinn Farm

I was lucky to attend a preview of The Singhampton Project—an intriguing food, art and garden extravaganza planned for August at Michael Stadtländer’s Eigensinn Farm outside of Toronto. (Eigensinn in German means ”single-mindedness” or ”obstinacy’) The farm is a completely surprising mix of the rustic, slightly odd, enchanting and practical. The rustic is a collection of seating and dining areas dotted throughout the property made entirely of reclaimed wood and pallets, the slightly odd is a massive barbeque sprouting antlers, and a grassy laneway festooned with long borders of countless wine bottles on either side. That’s a lot of wine. The enchanting is the mix of reclaimed pottery and rusted farm implements making up the sculptures, and outdoor cooking devices.  The practical is the tossed oyster shells on the roof of the dubbed Oyster Temple of Love, fat tree trunk stools in a wooded glen, a completely functioning kitchen with a wood fire in the middle of a forest, and simple boards and shells as serving dishes.

Uber creative Chef Michael Stadtländer has paired up with extraordinary Landscape Artist Jean Paul Ganem on The Singhampton Project, a “Gastronomic Installation” running this summer from August 10th-26th. Seven gardens will be created and diners will be guided through, course by course. The seven gardens will be living sculptures, that inspire each individual alfresco dining adventure. Diners will enjoy special dishes created from vegetables grown on site at each garden. You can’t get more local than that.

Planned Gardens include the Baroque Fish Plate Garden, the Tipi Garden (with real tee-pee) Cow and Sheep Circles, and the Maple Syrup Garden, a sunken, circular glade where I can easily imagine fairies and gnomes hanging about.

It will take all summer, and a cast of many to prepare the land and the food for this magical event, presented by Earth Day Canada, and tickets are $275 per person.

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