Fiesta Gardens New Partnership With Landscaper Jonas Spring

Jonas Spring's Ecoman - new Landscape Design Partnership at Fiesta Gardens

New Partnership:  Garden Designer Jonas Spring in Fiesta Garden’s tree and shrub area.

Fiesta Gardens is happy to announce a brand new service. Now when you need help with with designing or installing a garden, Fiesta Gardens has the perfect person to point you toward, local Landscape Designer, Jonas Spring.

Jonas Spring’s certification in Landscaping comes from Ryerson University as well as a BSc. in Agroecology from the University of British Columbia. (Agroecology is the application of ecology to sustainable design in food-related ecosystems) Jonas’ Landscaping company, Ecoman has great credentials and many happy customers.

“Ecoman transformed my front garden from an ugly patch of unhealthy grass to an elegant landscape of rock walls, stone courtyard and graceful grasses. It’s the envy of my street.

More than that, though: Jonas Spring and his crew of stonemasons and gardeners were a delight to have around, punctual, hard-working, painstaking, creative and fun. It’s not often you can say that going through any kind of a renovation was fun, but with Ecoman it definitely was!” ~ Bronwyn Drainie

Jonas brings the horticultural goods.  He has also taught Horticulture at Ryerson University for their Landscape Design program. This year, he, with garden designer Victoria Taylor, put together a fantastic installation at Canada Blooms, using recycled concrete, that won a SEED award.

For the last ten years, Jonas has brought his passion for horticulture, ecology, food and livable cities to his local landscaping business.  Ecoman specializes in dry shade, urban garden design, both plant material and hardscape, including patios, steps, walls, and green roofs.

We at Fiesta like that Jonas is active in the community and local affairs. We’ve had a long relationship with him, being the supplier for the gardens he creates. Garden Centre manager Dino Virgona says, “We are thrilled to offer a service to our customers that has such a natural fit.” So, look for that friendly man with the bowtie next time you are in the garden centre.

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