Guest Post: Garden Designer Jonas Spring

Ecoman Jonas Spring garden design

Leaf-shaped patio stonework, some of Ecoman Jonas Spring’s handiwork.

I am so pleased to have been invited to be this weeks guest blogger. I want to let you know about some pretty exciting new services being offered at Fiesta Gardens this year. Not everyone knows owner and proprietor Dino Virgona; but Margaret, Dino, Chris and John have been supplying Ecoman with plants and stone for over 10 years. Over that span of time I have come to rely on Dino and his staff for quality annuals, perennials, specimen trees and shrubs, not to mention natural stone. This year Dino approached me to help kickoff Fiesta Gardens in house landscaping and gardening service. He saw it as a natural fit because we are located in the neighborhood, specialize in small to medium size landscape projects and provide gardening services by the hour. Check these out smart-ak .

We started meeting in January and worked on three of the most common scenarios that home owners face:
Replace, Redesign, Review.
Replacing a walkway, wall, or a dead tree or shrub follows a simple 3 step process.

• free consultation
• quote
• installation

We provide warranty and maintenance for all our installations.

Redesign means making dramatic changes to the way your garden looks and feels. In this case we add an extra step of a drawing so that you know what you are getting.

Review: When you buy a new house you may not have a good idea of what is living and growing on your property. We provide a full detailed report including:

• soil, sun exposure, drainage
• walkways, walls and paths
• plants, lawn, trees and shrubs with an eye for invasive species, insect infestations and pruning recommendations

Since we are in a giving mood and celebrating a new partnership, we are providing three free property inspections on a first come first serve basis.
Of course you may just be looking for a spring cleanup in which case, we will come, have a look and then send over our gardening crew.
We look forward to working with you.
Jonas (Ecoman)
416 556 5516

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