New Kind of Berry: The HoneyBerry or Haskap Berry

Haskap berry bushes are in garden centres now, including Fiesta Gardens.

Haskap berries are a wonderful new kind of berry (Lonicera caerulea,) which is similar to a blueberry but is actually a member of the honeysuckle family. They are also commonly called Honeyberries. A delicacy in Japan, the word Haskap or “Hasukappu” comes from the language of the Ainu, an ancient people from Hokkaido island.

the Ainu meaning of Haskap is “little present at the end of the branch” rather than “perpetual youth and longevity”. Perhaps the best is to combine it to “A little present of perpetual youth and longevity”

These new berries have a kiwi-like texture with a unique flavour blend that some describe as a mix of blueberry and raspberry. Like most dark purple fruits they are high in antioxidants, and are also a good source of vitamin C. Berries of all kinds are very good for you, and this is one little present you can grow in your own garden.

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