A Cold Frame Might Change Your Life

Are you a little behind the times this year regarding your Spring planting? Are you tired of going through the same motions every May, running to the nursery, purchasing plants that you nurture all year only to have them die off in the fall? Perhaps you think you don’t have space in your yard to plant a little garden that would keep you in the green all year.

 This is where cold framing comes in.

Cold frames are just one method of growing and sheltering food plants for eating beyond the relatively short Canadian outdoor season — during which they can be produced and maintained on their own, either in garden beds, in planters, or on decks.

Sure, it is warm now, but Kyla Dixon Muir and the good folks at Riverdale Meadow are offering a hands-on demonstration this Sunday, May 27 on cold framing strategies. As Kyla Dixon-Muir says, “Cold framing is not just about the winter months:  it is about getting yield from your garden — outdoors, without electricity, without greenhouses — twelve months of the year. Growing foods outdoors from fall-through-winter-into-spring is not only possible – it’s easy – and it ensures far earlier harvests than seed sowing in spring.”

At Sunday’s ColdFrames in Action Tour you will learn about planting, watering, and ventilation strategies for over-wintering crops, for late-fall-through winter harvests and winter re-seedings, and more for early spring head-starts. See Soil Solarization in action for earliest spring seedings, and continued uses of ColdFrames for hot-season crops from other growing climates. View re-uses of simple structures (from fall and winter uses) for hardening-off spring transplants to outdoor climates used for early planting-out of your windowsill-started seedlings, too. View the abundant growth of last fall’s seed sowings, and this spring’s early starts.

The tour, which involves an interactive question and answers as you go from plot to plot, also features tasty samples from the ColdFrame gardens. The tour is from 1 pm to 3 pm and is only twenty dollars, but you must preregister; don’t worry, it’s not too late! To register, and to find out about the other exciting activities at Riverdale Meadow go here.


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