Spend 30 Minutes in Nature, Every Day

Nature in the city is as close as your nearest park, or even a tree lined street.

David Suzuki is challenging us to mindfully spend 30 minutes every day in June to boost your brain and overall health, with his 30 X 30 Challenge. Trade that indoor treadmill for a path through a park. Eat your lunch outside instead of in front of the computer. Go outside with your kids and blow bubbles in the backyard.

Nature is the best medicine. A growing body of evidence has shown us that getting out into nature can reduce stress and boost your immunity. And experts say that exercising in natural settings is exercise squared — increasing your energy level and fitness.

The David Suzuki Foundation is adding to the challenge by asking for pictures and updates for anyone who is involved in the pledge, plus offering a $600 prize to sweeten the deal. It takes about 21 days to create a new habit in your life, and if you need a push towards better health and well being, sign up.

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