Apron Strings: This Year Dad’s in the Kitchen

With Father’s Day quickly approaching we’re delighted to share our latest Apron Strings adventures with you. Head on over to the Apron Strings site and you’ll find an homage to the modern dad and grandfather who relishes the opportunity to tie on an apron and cook with his family.

This is the third year we’ve put Apron Strings together. We see it as a place where people can share family culinary stories, recipes and traditions. This year we’re showing the dads some love. We hope you’ll chime in by commenting, participating and sharing all the good stuff you find here.

On the Apron Strings page you’ll find:

  • Five videos featuring Toronto dads & grandfathers making everything from Italian Brodetto to Chinese Shrimp in Lobster sauce with their families
  • An Apron Strings contest where we are inviting you to submit your favorite story about your dad’s (or grandfather’s) cooking. Al of the submissions will be published here and three winners will get gift certificates to shop in the store. Contest Ends June 30th.
  • Ongoing blog posts by an amazing range of Toronto personalities reflecting on meals prepared and shared with their dad or grandfather. These will all include photos and recipes

We’ll keep Apron Strings percolating with new, fun posts all throughout the month of June, so be sure to check back often. Below you’ll find one of the five videos featuring Toronto dads. This one features Hussein (who works at The Stop) and his family making Columbian Sweet Bread. Enjoy!

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