In The Kitchen With Daddy

With Father’s Day imminently upon us, it is time to give a shout-out to dads who can cook. Gone are the days when all we expected from Dad was a little messing around with a skillet of Hamburger Helper, or woofing off his eyebrows in front of the barbeque.

Today’s dads are as at home in the kitchen as they are in the garage; indeed, the kitchen is probably dad’s second favourite room in the house. And with television networks and cooking shows dominated by men-and no small amount of Dads- men everywhere are developing some pretty rad skills in the kitchen. Celebrate that with some great and helpful kitchen gifts on Father’s Day, and leave the spaghetti twirling electric fork for your next Secret Santa gift.

To assist dad in his endeavors, this Fathers Day you might want to present him with a gift that will make his adventures in the kitchen a little more exciting. Instead of a fish tie or a bottle of scotch, why not give dad a cool cooking gadget, one that will make his life a little easier and encourage him to expand his culinary repertoire. Repeat: there is no ulterior motive.

Here are some of our favourite gadgets, nibbles and tipples that will delight your pop and make him a contender for Top Chef  honours in your house!


When in doubt always lead with bacon, its sure to make people happy no matter what. Who doesn’t love bacon? Jim Gaffigan knows all about it, check out this hilarious clip from his stand-up, King Baby. No water chestnut joke has ever gotten more laughs.

How about a kit that shows dad how to prepare his own bacon?  Leener’s bacon curing kit comes complete with everything you need to make four classic styles of bacon, from maple bacon to peameal, bring it on!


Does Dad have a little wild side? For years, moonshine has been an intoxicating and illicit tradition in many parts of North America, none moreso than Prince Edward Island. Now The Myriad  View Artisan Distillary  on P.E.I  is legally producing the stuff, allowing dad’s everywhere to have a swig of the fabled hooch, and their new Dandelion Moonshine, without having to stare down a double-barelled shotgun.


Well, we can’t forget that dad does have a thing for barbeque, so he might as well catch up on his grilling know-how. Borje Salming’s Grilling With Salming is a great book for dad’s everywhere who love the Leafs and cooking outdoors in equal measure.

Salming presents a Slavic take on the grill that will give dad some new ideas. He can try making the Grilled Salmon with Caviar Sauce or the Balsamic Marinated Lamb Chops with Roast Garlic.

Our good friend Malcom Jolley from Good Food Revolution interviewed Borje Salming last summer and gives a good review of the book, and the man.

There are so many great gifts you can give your dad that will help him excel in the kitchen, the best gift of all though is to get in the kitchen with him and create something together. To get inspired check out our fabulous Apron Strings videos featuring dads and grandpas showing children and grandchildren their favourite recipes.



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