Father’s Day Roundup

We searched all over the internet for some inspiring content about dads and food. Here’s the roundup of our findings, plus some great ideas for where to take dad on his special day.

Ever wonder what kind of man raised bad boy culinary wunderkind Anthony Bourdain? This essay in Bon Appetit is a heartfelt piece of writing from Bourdain about how his father shaped his views on food and eating. “Perhaps the most important life lesson he passed on was: Don’t be a snob.”


How do dads cope with the stress of maintaining a career and raising kids? This excellent article by Ann Douglas in the Toronto Star explores just that. Barry Martin talks about de-stressing by spending time with his family at farmer’s markets and in the park.


This story in the Sun Sentinel by Dale Koppel looks at how divorce has brought more men into the kitchen and how that has positively affected their relationships with their children. Also, the LA Times reports in this story that more men are doing the grocery shopping. Canada.com tells us that more women are bringing home the bacon.


For twenty seven years the University of Michigan has been following the lifestyle habits of 3000 adult Generation X’ers. Guess what they discovered? Time Magazine reports that this generation – especially the men – is a lot more conscious about food.


During our research we found countless blogs about and by dads cooking. Some of our favourites include Dad’s Cooking Tonight,
Dad Cooks Dinner (from a dad who actually does cook dinner, every night!), Dad’s Cooking, and Dad – Baker & Chef. Those are just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many blogs out there by enthusiastic fathers embracing a role in the kitchen. There’s also a book specifically geared to single fathers, The Single Father’s Guide to Life, Cooking and Baseball. Remember when it was only mothers who cooked dinner? Neither do I.

Now, where to take dad on Father’s Day? We have a few ideas…

read on to find out why we’ve put a photo of a war re-enactment here.

Go high end for dad and take him to the Royal York where Epic Chef Tim Palmer has teamed up with Mill Street Brewery and put together a Brewmaster’s Dinner on Sunday starting at 5:30pm. Mill Street Brewmaster, Joel Manning will be on hand to speak knowledgeably about brewing history while different beers are paired with each course.

You could go lowbrow and treat him to some family style bacon and eggs with a side of bluegrass. The Dakota Tavern’s Sunday brunch is full of down home fun with live bluegrass and country music.

Or you could go a little LARP-y and check out the Revolutionary War Re-Enactment and BBQ at Black Creek Pioneer Village.

Maybe you’d just prefer to stay in and cook with your dad in the kitchen, if that’s the case here are some great gift ideas for just that.

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