Bread. Winner.

This Apron Strings contest submission comes from Bev Wooding, a food blogger and amateur photographer. Bev’s blog My Daily Bread where, as she describes “I’m a Toronto girl who loves to eat. This is where I tell you how much. Thanks for the great submission Bev. Bread straight from the oven. Can’t. Be. Beat. Be sure to check out the rest of the Apron Strings contest submissions and rate them. The lucky winners will receive gift certificates to shop at Fiesta Farms.


I always say I inherited my father’s cooking style.

Food was as important in our home as was music, and they often went hand in hand. My dad had always been the type of cook who could open the fridge and make magic out of whatever happened to be in there. He was a master improviser.

As I’ve turned out to be, he never really had much use for recipes, so baking was never his forté. Then, one day, he got it into his head that my mother shouldn’t have to be the only one baking bread, especially as we all loved having steaming, fresh baked loaves so much. So, one Saturday morning, he picked up a cookbook – I believe it was a well-worn copy of the Red Roses book – and set about making his very first loaf of classic white bread.

He was instantly in love.

From then on, his new baking skill became what is still one of my favourite food – and life – memories. Every Sunday morning, for a couple of years, I would awake to the heady mix of the aromas of fresh-baked bread and brewing coffee, backed by a soundtrack of jazz and soul. The greatest scribe couldn’t have written it more idyllically.

In fact, bread straight from the oven, slathered in real butter, remains the centrepiece of my death row meal. For me, it represents calm, comfort and love. And for that, I have to thank my daddy.

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