Colourful Cakes To Make You Proud

There is a lot going on this long weekend that merits celebration, and what better way to celebrate a festive occasion than with a freshly baked cake?


Multi-coloured layer cakes have been around for years. Italian communities in the U.S. in the 1900’s often baked an Italian Flag cake to honour their heritage. Consisting of three layers representing the three colours of the Italian Flag, the idea has caught on and been expanded and developed over the years, with Italian Flag Cake leading the charge.

On Sunday, Italy will be duking it out with Spain in the final of the European Cup. Baking the traditional Italian Flag Cake might just bring the Azzurri good luck, who knows?

Pride Week in Toronto culminates on Sunday with the annual Pride Parade. If you are hosting a party, nothing says pride like an eight layer Rainbow Cake. You can flavour each layer to correspond with its colour, the way they do at Wanda’s Pie in the Sky in Kensington Market, or keep it simple and use dyed white cake batter.

This cake is a real show-stopper and reflects the Rainbow Flag originally designed by Gilbert Baker.

Baker is thought to have been inspired by the Peace Flag that originated in Italy during demonstrations in the 1960’s, a seven layer cake that went, top to bottom, purple, blue , azure, green, yellow, orange and red. Other theories suggest that he was also inspired by the Judy Garland song, Over the Rainbow, or the “Flag of the Races”-red, black, brown, yellow and white.

At any rate, it didn’t take long for creative and patient bakers to run with it and create the Rainbow Cake, and Pride parties all over Toronto will be dishing out second servings of this dessert. From top to bottom, here is what the colours in your cake mean: Pink-sexuality; red-life; orange-healing; yellow-sunlight; green-nature;turquoise-magic; indigo/blue-serenity; violet-spirit.

Tackling a rainbow cake may seem a bit daunting, but Martha Stewart is up for any challenge, and presents us with a great recipe for a Rainbow cake that you can take pride in.

And finally, let’s not forget that Sunday, July 1st, is Canada Day, a holiday that all of us should be proud to celebrate. An appropriate cake for Canada day might be contrasting layers of red velvet and basic white cake, or red velvet cake with white icing. Or a white cake with red frosting, maybe separated by a raspberry jam centre. You get the idea. If you plan on making red velvet, we strongly suggest you use an authentic recipe from an American southerner, like this one from Paula Deen.

One of the most hilarious, yet awesome, cake recipes we have ever come across is for this one that calls for Jello & Cool Whip, see image above. Check out the recipe on the Small Home Big Start blog.

Whatever you are celebrating this weekend-with friends, family or neighbours-let them eat cake, served with a little pizzazz and a whole lot of pride.

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