Vertical Gardening With Re-Purposed Pallets

Vertical garden planter made from wooden pallets.

An A-frame vertical planter made from two re-purposed wooden pallets and landscape fabric.

There’s a new community garden in my neighbourhood. They turned a pie shaped vacant lot near the railway tracks into viable garden, using raised beds, ornamental plants, and decorations by children in the community.

brightly painted tomato stakes

Tomato plants look extra cheerful when the stakes are this colourful.

They also built vertical planters made of old wooden pallets. A bottom to the planter is created by using landscape fabric stapled to the sides to hold in the soil and plants. The plants are inserted into the slats, and firmed into the soil. It helps to keep the pallet horizontal for the first couple of weeks to let the plants get established.

closeup picture of the wooden paletts making the garden planters.

DIY vertical gardening. Detail of the re-purposed pallets, showing landscape fabric.

Two pallets were created and filled with herbs like parsley, basil, oregano, and also with edible flowers, like nasturtiums. They were then turned back to back in an A-frame held together with wooden braces. The side is left open, and becomes the top when pallets are vertical. More plants can be added to the top once the frame is in place. Lemon balm and oregano are doing well in the planter below. Since the landscape fabric is permeable, you need to make sure the planter is well watered at all times.

Happy herbs cascading out of a re-purposed pallet.

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