New Food Writers You Should Be Reading

There are a million people writing about food these days, some professionally, most just for fun. I thought now might be a good time to scour the net and find some of the most interesting voices out there. It made for a really fun research project, so much so that I couldn’t get this post done in time, hence the lateness.

butter beans and mint by Naomi Rose

Anyway, let’s look at some new food writers that you should be reading.

Keep in mind that these aren’t all “new” as in they just started writing yesterday, but they’re new in the sense that they are not established columnists at the New York Times, they’re new in that you may not have heard of them yet. 

Starting with one of my favourite food blogs of all time, The Gluttonous Vegan is beautifully photographed and written with a fun, light hand by British blogger Naomi Rose. I’m always inspired to cook after I read it and I’m not even close to being vegan.

Calabrian Rabbit by Hank Shaw and Holly A. Heyser

For the inside scoop I always read the brilliant rants by Jamie Kennedy’s daughter, Julia Kennedy, in Vice. Her column, Sidemouth is brilliant, insightful and often hilarious. This piece, “Screw You Brunch” will make you laugh out loud.

My friend Hank Shaw has a great site that chronicles his hunting, foraging, gardening and fishing adventures. This post he wrote recently about a mysterious red berry gives great insight into the lengths one needs to go to identify unknown plants. He also has great recipes for uncommon ingredients so if you ever find yourself with a grouse or a squirrel you can find a recipe or some instruction on how to prepare it from his site. His page also boasts incredible photography, shot by his partner Holly A. Heyser.

The STD sandwich, salmon, tomato and dill!

I’m also a fan of Everybody Likes Sandwiches because the name is so bang on. They also have great recipes, like this one for an STD sandwich, and it comes from BC so you get a nice West Coast vibe in the kitchen when you cook from it.

I also love the writing at Nostrovia, the hilarious junk food blog Food Junk, and, even though it is not specifically a food blog, the Hypenotic blog is a really great read. Hypenotic is the company behind this website and their community minded endeavours really synch with the way Fiesta Farms does things.

perogies from the Nostrovia site

Who are some of your favourite bloggers? What do you read to find the best recipes or to get inspired to cook? Share in the comments, I’d love to hear your suggestions.

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