Food Fanatics to Follow on Twitter

There are so many food-obsessed tweeters out there I thought it might be a good idea to do a round-up of some of our favourites. We are always looking for new food fanatics to follow and learn from. We especially love the #WeekendEats promotion by @LAWeeklyFood. You can try it out this weekend, simply take a picture of some delicious food you are eating or planning to eat and tweet it with that hashtag. Often LA Weekly will RT and comment. A fun way to get your twitter handle out there and to see what people all across North America are eating.

make sure to tag all your brunch pics #WeekendEats this weekend

For all the best in Canadian cheese follow @AfrimPristine @Cheese_Boutique @suereidl and @CheeseLoverG and look for the #TGCCF tag to find out more about the Great Canadian Cheese Festival coming in 2013.

it’s not slacking off at work if you’re following this woman, it’s educating yourself

For food activism and politics follow @MarkBittman @MichaelPollan and @MarionNestle. For fun food celebrity tweets follow @JamieOliver @Bourdain @LauraCalder @Chef_Lynn @DrinkingRobot @BobBlumer @ChucksDayOff @MarioBatali and @offalchris.

For fun, local tweeters make sure you follow @ArleneStein @DanaMcCauley @ChefJKennedy @agapod @OntarioCulinary & @MonforteDairy for great food info, and @NatalieMacLean & @ZoltanSzabo for wine info. And for great local food writing/blogging and photography check out @JessicaRaeAllen @SDickison @Nostrovia_ca @ReenaNewman @AcquiredTaster @IronWhisk and @CravingsLunatic.

There is so much out there, so many great feeds to glean from that I could go on all day, but instead I’ll finish up with a few of our friends that you should be following, like @EdibleToronto @FiestaGardens @Hypenotic @NFFTT & @ChefJoeLusted.

Edible Toronto has the best ads don’t you think?

Oh, and please don’t get mad that I’m not linking every single one of these handles but I don’t want to get carpal tunnel syndrome. Have a happy #FollowFriday!

Now, who am I not following that I should be? Who are your favourite food fanatics on twitter?

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