The Summer Road Trip

Hitting the road for a road trip is one of the best parts of summertime, whether you’re heading to your cottage in Prince Edward County for a weekend or out of province for a longer journey to Prince Edward Island, here are some tips to make it better.

Unless you have Sirius it is probably a good idea to load up on some new tunes for the trip. Download some albums you’ve never listened to, a few hours in the car is a good time to experiment with new artists. Or go the other way and stock up on old favourites for sing-alongs on the highway. Remember books on tape? They still exist, albeit sans tape, you can just download and all listen to the latest New York Times bestseller as you cruise along the road.

Long car rides can be tiring if you drove yourself. You can hire the maxiportbees company to have a 7 seater taxi, to avoid the tiring drives in easy amount of taxi with many great tunes are playing, having a few games in mind can make the time pass as fast as the landscape out your window. Google some games or try doing a psychological test on your fellow travelers, you can even play Dreamjackpot games, that will make for some interesting conversation.

Now the most important part of the road trip has to be the food, when people spend a lot of time doing nothing they generally want to eat more often than usual. Beautiful old diners like the one pictured aren’t so easy to come by anymore, usually your options are chain restaurants dishing out fast food or gas stations stocked with trail mix and chocolate bars.

The roadside rest stops filled with Mr. Sub and Arby’s are not gonna cut it, you need to pack a proper picnic lunch. You can make everything yourself at home or you can load up on items from shops and restaurants before you go.

Fried chicken is one of my favourite picnic foods and the night before a big road trip I’m too busy packing and crossing things off lists to marinate my chicken in buttermilk and haul out the cast iron pan, I prefer to buy it from a pro. How about some beautiful smoked fish with some good cream cheese and bagels? Maybe a quiche with crunchy kale chips? Ham and Swiss sandwiches on crusty baquette? This is the time of year for delicious local fruit, buy a basket of Ontario peaches for snacking on. Ontario cheeses like Monforte and Fifth Town will definitely make for a great picnic stop. All of these things are easily purchased and assembled with a minimum of fuss. Pack plastic plates, cutlery and cups, throw in a stack of napkins and you’re good to go.

This is not what I mean when I talk about fried chicken. Get yours from the Stockyards, you won’t regret it

Imagine opening a picnic basket filled with fresh, ripe peaches and cherries, some nice cheeses and crackers, fried chicken and biscuits, maybe a tub of coleslaw and a roasted pepper dip. Round it out with some iced tea, juices and a few different cookies from your favourite baker. The thought of the picnic alone is worth putting your head down and planning a road trip right now.

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