We Love Butter Tarts

Much like the Nanaimo Bar of BC or the Saskatoonberry Pie of the Prairies, the Butter Tart is probably the official dessert of Ontario. A beloved Canadian confection, the butter tart has many variations, it can be just be the straight up sweet filling of brown sugar and egg, or it can be spruced up with raisins, walnuts, pecans (adding pecans means you’re just making pecan pie), even chocolate chips. I recently went on a Butter Tart tour of Toronto with Rebecca LeHeup, we found an incredible array of delicious tarts. She wrote about our epic journey for the Huffington Post.

My journey with Rebecca got me thinking about a Butter Tart Battle. Why not get some of the best chefs in the city to bring their greatest butter tarts so we can taste them and judge for ourselves who does it best?  Tonight, competitors from the ACC, Bestellen, the Flaky Tart, the Gabardine, Origin Liberty Village, DK Kitchen, Circle & Squares Bakery and even the George Brown Chef School pastry department will bring their best tarts to the Drake Hotel. Anyone who wants to can show up, try all 8 tarts and vote for their favourite. Doors are at 7pm, tarts are at 8pm.

How will it turn out I wonder? I don’t mind raisins or even chocolate chips in mine but I’m against nuts. Some people are adamant that nothing, no raisins, chips or nuts, be added. It should be interesting to see which tart wins the hearts of the crowd tonight. Watch our twitter account tomorrow and we’ll let you know who won. In the meantime, here is a favourite recipe of mine. It’s simple with no crazy additions and it calls for a bit of vinegar in the filling, just a touch, but it makes a big difference in ensuring the filling isn’t too treacly sweet.


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