Eye-Popping Leaf Patterns

Contrasting patterns and colors on leaves, begonia, lysimachia

A Rex Begonia paired with a lime-green variegated Lysimachia Nummularia Goldi

The patterns on this mix of foliage are just dreamy. Wandering through Montréal’s Jardin Botanique conservatory recently I was knocked over by the startling variety of begonia leaves: polka dots, stripes, and swirls aplenty. A Rex Begonia takes centre stage here, in a pattern of silver and nearly black, almost like an animal print. You don’t need a flower when the leaves do this much work as eye candy. The red splotch at the top left is a flower of a rusty-leaved gesneriad, adding a little pop of colour. Take a look at all the varieties of begonias next time you are in the garden centre; the beauty is that they can come indoors for the winter, and then make spectacular planters when you put them outside in the summer, with a couple of contrasty friends.

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