Tomatofest….Quite a Fest Indeed


Last Thursday 20 of Toronto’s most dedicated foodies gathered under Fiesta Gardens’ canopy and made some magic happen. Arm in arm they chopped, crushed, sterilized and stirred their way to some absolutely delicious jars of tomato sauce.

How could we go wrong? The bushels of organic tomatoes came from Sosniki Organics in Northfolk County.  The genius canners James, Ayal and Ezra at the West End Food Coop led the session.

Participants stood, sheltering each other with umbrellas  stirring a huge pot of sauce to reduce it to perfection. It was a wonderful partnership between Fiesta Farms and the West End Food Coop and an awesome collaboration between the twenty incredible folks (who had never met before) who came out to work together.

Below you’ll find the West End Food Coop’s incredible recipe for Tomato Sauce and some photos from the fabulous Tomatofest extravagnaza.


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