Japanese Anemones: Late Summer/Early Fall Beauty

closeup of september charm Japanese anemone flowers

“September Charm” Japanese Anemones, pink flowers on ends of tall waving stems.

Japanese Anemones, a truly wonderful perennial flower, really ought to be found in more gardens. It’s a stunner in the August garden and continues flowering through to the fall. With flowers in pinks and whites, the cheerfully simple blooms are carried on tall, delicate looking stems, giving them an airy quality. When the breeze catches the foliage, the spherical buds wave like delicate pom poms. Anemones bring a springy zestfulness to the waning garden season, and work well with other late bloomers, like the many types of yellow rudbeckia. Rudbeckia planted near this clump echoes the yellow stamens of the Japanese Anemone. Anemone’s sturdy, cut leaves are decorative throughout the entire growing season, growing in a soft, textured mound of dark green.

Quite adaptable, they appreciate a rich soil and good moisture content. The flowers in this picture are growing in a boulevard planting (sometimes known as a “Hell strip”) and get sun most of the day. The ones growing in my own dry shade garden are barely performing, having competed with Norway maple tree roots for many years. I plan to dig them up and move them somewhere where they can shine, like these ones.

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