It’s Time for the CNE

The Ex is here again, and while that means the summer is almost over, it also means cotton candy and roller coasters so it’s not all bad. While vendors try to out-State Fair of Texas each other with gross deep-fried things, there are still lots of wonderful treats to be had as you wander the grounds trying to choose how to blow your dough.

Cotton Candy

In-between rides on merry-go-rounds, ferris wheels and suicide drops you can pick up an array of delicious bites. From Korean tacos to vegan pizza and Tiny Tim donuts, here’s a roundup from the Toronto Star of the top 10 treats to try this year.

remember these guys?

Now, the Ex is about more than just rides and food, they also have loads of concerts featuring old acts you may have forgotten. This summer you can see Trooper, Don MacLean and the Tea Party, what an eclectic lineup. The best though will be the tribute bands, there is a whole roster of these hitting the Midway stage. Look for Hotel California (the Eagles), Destroyer (KISS), Bad to the Bone (George Thorogood), Hot Rocks (the Stones) and Crush (Bon Jovi). Check out the whole hilariously awesome lineup here.

Crush – Bon Jovi cover band

Up to 90% of the CNE attendees are from Toronto and over 1 million attend each year. The Ex pulls in around $24 million in revenue each year. Admission is $16 and the fair runs from August 17th to September 3rd. Grab the latest issue of the Grid for a great article by Edward Keenan about the Ex and how it could be seen as a model for our city’s future. Huh?

Seriously, just read the article. He makes a great argument for food trucks.

For a comprehensive list of everything you can check out at the fair, from hypnotists to the air show, go to Blog TO, they’ve got you covered.

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